Our history

Istituto Parini has been in the area since 1978 and became an equivalent institute in 1986. Our allies over time have always been professional organization and highest availability towards each student. The collaboration with qualified and experienced teachers allows us to offer personalized study paths that take into account all the needs with greatest flexibility.

Our philosophy

"Most people have not been offered, neither by birth nor by one's own efforts, the opportunity to become rich and powerful, while knowledge is available to everyone. Our philosophy is this: knowledge available to everyone" Pitagora.
...and,in order to apply it in full, we help our students with customized study programs and payments. Over the years no hurdle has prevented us from giving those who have contacted us our full cooperation and organization.

Why choose us?

Because for us you are not a number but a person, for our long and valuable experience for our high qualifications, because we will always keep account of your needs.

Our goal

Is to give you the preparation you need by making sure that, whatever course of study you choose, the path to your goal will be fruitful and serene.