Human science high school

Our Human science high school aims to a complete education. With the support of psychology and special educational sciences, you will acquire all the knowledge to better understand the inner dimension of the mind ,in order to understand and manage human emotions. The study of psychology, sociology and anthropology will allow you to become a highly skilled professional in education.

Motor and Sports science

This high school is the flagship of our institute. Motor sciences are a valuable and certain perspective to invest in. The acquisition of methods of mathematical, physical and natural sciences, , economics and law, combined to physical activity and sports, will ensure a valuable and comprehensive training to form a professional with a complete mastery of medical and sports techniques and methodologies. Mens sana in corpore sano. The knowledge of the human body and the potentiality it may develop in sports environment, without neglecting the care of the soul, an essential engine of our corporeality, is the key to an excellent lifestyle.

Science high school

The science high school is aimed at the study of the link between scientific culture and humanistic tradition . It promotes the knowledge of mathematics, physics and natural sciences and guides the student to deepen the knowledge and skills required to follow the development of scientific and technological research. and to identify integrations and interactions between different forms of knowledge. It trains a student able to recognize the link between scientific thought and historical and philosophical reflection, mastering contents and specific languages.

Professional institute for public health system

The Professional institute for public health system can be divided into dental technician and optician. According to the educational system, those who graduate must be able to organize and implement measures aimed at promoting health and bio-psycho-social well-being.

Economics,finance and marketing sector

The expert in administration, finance and marketing has specific skills in national and international economy, tax regulations of business systems (organization, planning, programming, administration, finance and control of insurance and financial products), integrates professional, language and computer skills in order .to operate in the information system of the company.

Technological, IT ,telecommunications sector

The expert in information technology and telecommunications has specific skills in the field of computer systems, data processing, application and web technologies, networks and communications equipment.

Technological,construction, environmental and territorial sector

The expert in construction, environment and territory has competencies in the field of materials, machines and devices used in the construction industry, in the use of evaluation tools,in the use of data processing for graphic display and calculation, in technical and economic assessment of existing private and public property in the territory, and optimal use of environmental resources.

Food and wine and hotel management

In its various subdivisions (food and wine, sales hall, tourist reception) forms a student allowed to produce, present, deliver and sell wine and food products. The student is also trained as a front desk manager in tourist and hotel facilities.